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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Ben, Lizi, Jasmine, Tasha, Henry and everyone at AireCanada

Golden Boy Urgently Seeks Home !


Please think seriously about our young Henry, who, through no fault of his own, isonce again looking for a home. His previous placement proved not to be a good match and he so much wants another chance for a forever home of his own.

Henry is a sweetheart. He is extremely affectionate and wants nothing more than to please his owner and be loved in return. He is at his happiest lying at his human’s feet or sitting next to that person resting his head on the individual’s lap.

This Terrier mix is a very clever fellow who learns quickly through the use of reward-based training. He needs stability and consistency in his life plus mental challenges to get those Terrier brains working.
We are stunned at how similar Henry’s size and behavior is to that of a purebred Airedale. He enjoys a lively round of “bitey-face” and offers enthusiastic play-bows, clearly hoping for a spirited game of “chase”.  If you like to laugh, Henry will keep you in stitches. At the same time, Henry also needs some definitive, positive leadership to discourage pulling on leash, especially in the presence of a rabbit or squirrel, and help making good decisions.

Henry is a really handsome animal with caramel-colored fur and a “lion’s” mane running down his back. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

This boy loves to play with other dogs but his play can be boisterous at times, as is common to young Terriers, and he has a strong prey drive. We believe that he will do best in a home with another dog his size. We do not recommend that Henry be placed in a household with other small animals such as cats or rodents.Off leash, Henry meets and greets dogs he may encounter with friendliness. He has been running very successfully with small groups of dogs under controlled circumstances. Being young, his play at times becomes over-enthusiastic and he needs to be reminded to tone things down. He will “listen” to other dogs who give him this message as well. When meeting strange dogs on leash (or joggers or cyclists), Henry reacts well to the “sit” request and can be settled nicely through the use of the “Open Bar Closed Bar” method.Henry likes children of all ages but we would prefer, because he is easily excited, to place him in a family where any children would be 10 years old or more.Henry is not fond of being left alone. He is not destructive but complains enthusiastically until his family arrives back home. The complaints are significantly reduced when he is left with another dog during the family’s absences. He can be crated with ease when necessary.



This dog will prove to be a wonderful companion for a family where everyone is able to demonstrate firm and positive leadership and who will agree to continue his training on a daily basis.





Henry is our very special “golden boy” and deserves a very special loving home where he can live happily ever after!






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Some dogs need space

If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on the leash this is a dog who needs some space. Please do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be near other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance or give them time to move out of your way.

There are many reasons why a dog may need space:

Maybe he has health issues or is in training.
She may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.
He may have had a bad experience with another dog or just not like the kind of friendly dogs who always want to say “Hi!”

In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs a little space.



Thank you! Those of us who own these
dogs appreciate your help and respect.
print a copy (PDF)

Translation: Amy Samida, Michigan, US

What is Yellow Dog?

Yellow Dog is a campaign that appears in several countries. A campaign for the dogs who need more space.
By a yellow marker on the leash, I can show that my dog needs more space. Maybe temporarily, or for a longer period.

A dog in pain may be scared to get hurt. Or a dog that is adopted may feel that the environment is daunting and requires careful training for a long period.

Or why not on a bitch in heat, so male dog owners can see without having to get close. Even children can learn that yellow means that you can not go to close. Help us to keep the campaign further, it is operated on a voluntary basis and we depend on you visitors to be successful. Thanks in advance!


Do You have questions about our campaign?
Do You want to contribute? Or other things about the campaign in Your mind?

Please contact us (form) »

England/United Kingdom
International Page

Do you know about FB pages? Please tell us or ask us för help if you wan’t to start one!



Help us translate?

We appreciate if you would help us to translate.
You must have good knowledge of the language as it may be difficult for us to check if it is correct.

Please contact us before you start, maybe a translation in Your suggested language has already started.



2011 Howliday card exchange

When you fill out this form you are signing up for the 2011 Howliday card exchange.

This is a greeting card list, not the e-card list.

In previous years we have has as many as 60 people sign up.

Signup will be open until Dec 2

The list is now closed. For all those who signed up you should have the list By Dec 6

2011 Howliday e-card exchange

When you fill out this form you are signing up for the 2010 Howliday e-card exchange.

Sign-up will be open until Dec 9.

This is an e-card list not the greeting card list.

The list is now closed for 2011


Thanks to all those who joined


The Animal Rescue Site Challenge

AireCanada is participating in the Holiday Shelter Challenge with The Animal Rescue Site.

Voting begins on September 20, 2010, and ends at midnight (PST) on December 19, 2010.

It does not cost anything and everyone can do it every day, and if we get enough votes we will raise $1000 for AireCanada.

First go to The Animal Rescue Site and look for a logo near the top like this

on the next page you will see a button right at the top to vote it looks like

On the next page you have to find AireCanada as below. Then vote and confirm a picture (This stops automated cheaters)

Make sure to change the province to BC when searching for Airecanada.

Current Results

Nov 27th we are 7th in Canada with 2.98% of Canadian voters.

Nov 28th we are 7th in Canada with 3.18% of Canadian voters.

Nov 29th we are 6th in Canada with 3.31% of Canadian voters.

Nov 30th we are 5th in Canada with 3.61% of Canadian voters.

Oct 1st we are 5th in Canada with 3.61% of Canadian voters.

Oct 4th we are still in 5th in Canada with 3.52% of Canadian voters, we lost a little ground over the weekend but are still right on the tail of the Orphaned Kitten Rescue.

I know everybody likes Orphaned Kitties but we need to get ahead of them for the Airedales!!

Oct 5th we are 4th in Canada with 3.58% of Canadian voters, our next competitor is Speaking of Dogs at 6.84% we can do it.  We are 3.26% back today.

Oct 6th we have fallen back to 5th today with 3.65% of the vote, .12% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.21% behind Speaking of dogs, although we are in 5th we have gained ground on 3rd place

Oct 7th still at 5th today with 3.59% of the vote, .21% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.27% behind Speaking of dogs.

Oct 8th still at 5th today with 3.61% of the vote, .15% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.17% behind Speaking of dogs. we are gaining keep voting!!

Oct 11th still at 5th today with 3.52% of the vote, .14% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.12% behind Speaking of dogs.  Gaining slowly everyone keep voting!!

Oct 12th still at 5th today with 3.45% of the vote, .11% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.15% behind Speaking of dogs.  Looking for a bump from all our friends over at Airedale-L today!!

Oct 13th 4th today with 3.68% of the vote, .08% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.85% behind Speaking of dogs.  A huge jump thanks in to all our friends over at Airedale-L! Everybody keep voting we have a big chance to get to #3 at this rate.

Oct 14th 4th today with 3.77% of the vote, .21% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.68% behind Speaking of dogs.  Another huge jump, we are gaining again keep it up!

Oct 15th 4th today with 3.82% of the vote, .31% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.64% behind Speaking of dogs.  We are still gaining everybody keep it up.

Oct 18th What a huge weekend, 4th today with 4.79% of the vote, 1.58% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 1.51% behind Speaking of dogs.  Another 3 days like that and we will be in 3rd place.

Oct 19th 4th today with 4.92% of the vote, 1.43% behind Speaking of dogs. Keep it up everyone

Oct 20th 4th today with 5.19% of the vote, 1.26% behind Speaking of dogs. At this rate we will be in 3rd in 7 days

Oct 21th 4th today with 5.08% of the vote, 1.13% behind Speaking of dogs.

Oct 21th 4th today with 5.33% of the vote, 0.99% behind Speaking of dogs. Less than 1% away!

Oct 27th 4th today with 5.88% of the vote, 0.65% behind Speaking of dogs. Sorry for not having time for updates in the last few days. Keep going we can do this.

Oct 28th 4th today with 6.05% of the vote, 0.61% behind Speaking of dogs.  Time for a big Haloween push….

Oct 29th 4th today with 6.34% of the vote, 0.34% behind Speaking of dogs.  Just another couple of days and we are in the money

!!Go AireCanada Go!!

“A” is for Airedale

While children learn their alphabet in school with the usual help of “A” is for Apple – anyone with an Airedale in their home knows that Airedales have their own version of the “Alphabet”. 

Alphabet quilts have been created throughout history with many themes – birds, flowers, animals, babies, school blocks and scores of others.  But the ladies in the Bee felt that an Airedale’s take on an alphabet quilt would surely be very different with that great sense of humor, fun and devil-may-care attitude… so we proudly offer you a truly beautiful art quilt, made with love, pride and incredible talent!

A is for Airedale

Click on the quilt or here to check out this NAR Fundraising Art Quilt.