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Sky – Toronto

Hello my name Sky. I am an Airedale mix. Airedales are the largest of the Terriers and are known to be alert and energetic. With regular grooming, I may shed very little. This is true of the Airedale breed. I am a playful girl who loves to go for walks and play with my toys. People tell me that my eyes are those of an old soul. They are kind and warm. I walk well on the leash and have a lovely temperament. I can be choosy as to which dogs I get along with. I should remain on the leash in the company of other dogs, for the time being. I may not be quite ready to romp around the dog parks just yet. It’s very possible, that out of the kennel environment, I may react differently. It may just be the stress of being in the shelter that’s making me reactive to some the other dogs. Under the right guidance, with some training and genuine TLC, I know I will make a great companion dog. I can’t wait to meet my new owner. Are you the one for me? Please say yes.
 Sky is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Sky has been adopted by a very special family who are taking her home even after learning that she has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Toby goes home

There really is something special about sleeping on your own couch, and this is clearly Tobys Couch


When not relaxing there is always surveying the neighbourhood, while hanging out in Southern Ontario to live with an airebrother Gus and his new Dad Bill, good luck Toby.


Airedales on Halloween

IMG_1353This year we had a guest for Halloween, at our AireHotel we offer turn down service and wake up calls. They look much the same and assume that you are able to make enough room on the bed to get some sleep.  Gator wanted to make sure that everyone saw the decorations. We found the perfect pumpkin stencil here. If  for some reason that is not working download here.  Here is Gator and her pumpkin. Elliott was too busy trying to sample other pumpkins to appear.


















Happy Howloween!

On a more serious note remember the following Halloween safety tips.

As much as your dog or cat may beg for some of your Halloween candy, always remember that chocolate is deadly to them in any amount.

The wrappers, such as tin foil, can get stuck in your pets digestive tract and make them ill or cause death.

If your dog has only recently developed a sensitivity to fireworks or noises, try not to react. Any comforting will only server to encourage this behaviour.  If the reaction is strong perhaps try some Bach Rescue Remedy

Please comment on what works for you to help your pets through a night of fireworks.



Hi, I am Tasha! I am an almost 5 year old girl looking for just the right home.
I am a big girl at 60lbs and love to be active and be outdoors.
I am near the Ottawa area and would like a home somewhere that isn’t too far to travel.

Like many Airedales, I graduated top of my class in obedience but I have selective hearing outdoors.
A fenced yard and NO cats is a must please. I am happy go lucky and like pats but I won’t pester you for constant attention.
Right now I live with a little kid and I would be happier in a home with much older kids or very active adults.

When I was younger I was attacked by some dogs and that has left me a little edgy around other dogs when I am on leash.
I am very fearful and cannot handle the dog park just yet. I need a family who understands this and can work
with me and a trainer to gain confidence and overcome this fear. Because of this I can be hard to handle on a leash
but if you have the time for me, I am willing to learn.

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