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Tasha Urgently Needs a Home!

Don’t you think I am a pretty girl?

Thank you for your interest in Tasha. She has a new home!

Tasha is an Oorang-type, very large Airegirl who urgently needs a new home so she can have the hip surgery she so desperately requires. If you provide the home, AireCanada will provide the necessary surgery.

Here’s the situation. Tasha until recently was placed in a foster-to-adopt situation. However, when it was learned that Tasha has severe hip dysplasia which will require surgical intervention, the foster home, due to distance from the veterinarian’s office and an overabundance of stairs in their home, sadly agreed that AireCanada should search for a new placement for this dog. Tasha is presently in a temporary foster situation but needs a foster placement, or even better, a permanent home, with reasonable access to our veterinarian’s clinics in either Coquitlam or North Vancouver.  A home with a limited number of stairs would be considered a bonus.

I have a lot of presence even if I do limp. It’s my left hip that hurts. Despite the pain, I still will greet you happily and wag my tail for you, though.

Tasha is very much a “people” Airedale. She loves people and is very friendly. We have learned that Tasha co-exists nicely with other dogs as long as the dogs are polite and avoid jostling her sore hip. Due to pain, she doesn’t play much at the moment but is happy to be with the current foster home’s two Airedales — a male and a female. She has also visited a training facility that boards dogs and got along well with the other dogs present. Dogs met outside the home may provoke some barking and lunging, an issue that can be addressed through training and may be a result of lack of socialization during puppyhood along with the current high level of pain Tasha is experiencing.

This is me with my friend, Lizi. Lizi weighs about 50 pounds. I tipped the scales at 90 pounds when I last visited Dr. Cichon but I could afford to lose another 10 pounds to regain my girlish figure!

We think that Tasha is a very special girl who deserves every chance AireCanada — and you — can provide her to live a happy and pain-free life.

Tasha is only four years old!

Can you find space in your heart for this  lovely Airedale?

Tasha is available immediately. The sooner she can be placed, the sooner she can have her surgery. A completed online application form from our website is required to either adopt or foster Tasha. If you have already completed an application form and are interested in Tasha, please contact us at the email address below.

For further information, please email britishcolumbia@airecanada.com

Could I come live with you? Please?



A Successful Friends of Airedales Dinner!

On Oct.27, the second annual Friends of Airedales dinner was held in conjunction with the Tradex dog show in Abbotsford, BC. You can see the happy diners in the photo above. A silent auction was held following the dinner. Featured were many splendid Airedale items which were snapped up very quickly. As a result over $500 was raised for AireCanada rescue.

It was a great week to be a dog lover here on the west coast of Canada. Many of the dinner guests also visited the dog show to admire the Airedales. Below you can see AireCanada volunteer, Margaret Glass, and Airedale owner, Heather Wittrock, admiring Joanne Helm’s lovely boy, Curteis.

Look at that lovely leg!
What a handsome fellow!

AireCanada member Elaine Hu’s girl, Sunshade proved to be handy at collecting her own treats at the various seller’s booths:

Yum! Mine!!


And breeder/AireCanada member Joanne Helm shared a friendly moment with her boy, Curteis:

I love you! I love you!

And here’s Sunshade having a chat with Mary Carr’s Irish Terrier:

You're a very pretty Airedale!

And here is Carol Godfrey’s cute little pup:

Are you taking my picture?

Please plan to attend the third annual Friends of Airedales dinner to be held next year during the Tradex show. Rescuers, breeders, Airedale owners and everyone who loves the breed will be very welcome.

Many thanks to Elaine Hu for providing the photographs used in this posting.

Do you need some “Wisdom”? Try Sophia!

I am very pretty, very alert and very smart!

Sophia has found a new home! Thank you to all who expressed interest in this lovely AireGirl.

Here she is -- checking out her new home!


Eight-year-old Sophia, whose name means “Wisdom”, is seeking a new home. This is a very friendly, really happy, good-natured girl who appears to like men, women, children and dogs of all sizes.

Sophia is a healthy, 68 pound, 24” tall Airedale with a soft coat. Apparently, she has learned some “wisdom” during her life since she  is fully house-trained. She is not destructive in any way and is never crated when her foster mom leaves her alone. In fact, Sophia is not especially fond of crates and much prefers to nap on the dogs’ sofa in her present foster home. We note that this clever Airedale avoids the living room furniture and family beds!

I won't chew your furniture but toys are fair game!

Sophia has good recall and walks nicely on leash although she will pull when she wishes to greet a chance-met dog.  She is extremely social with other dogs and will initiate play with the foster home’s two male Airedales as well as with visiting dogs. She knows her name and basic commands such as COME and SIT. Her ability to tolerate cats is unknown.

Because she is a little overweight, Sophia is on a slightly reduced diet. She is fed an excellent grain-free kibble along with cooked eggs, yogurt and a few supplements. Her preferred new home would continue this diet until Sophia’s weight is more controlled.

Groomed to look beautiful and ready for my new home!

Like most Airedales, Sophia has a small quirk.  Occasionally, she will reject the offer of a walk for no apparent reason. We assume that this behavior must be tied into unknown past experiences of some sort and will be overcome in time with patience and understanding.

We like Little Miss Wisdom a great deal. We think she is one of the nicest Airedales we have been asked to rehome in quite some time.

If you would like more information about Sophia who is available to adopters in southwestern BC, please contact Maureen Scott. As with all of our placements, a completed application form is necessary as well as a home visit.

I really REALLY would like to come live with you!




Buddy & Oakley: Another AireCanada Success Story!

 Buddy & Oakley were adopted about two years apart by a wonderful family who live in BC’s Cariboo region. Very Airedale experienced, they welcomed the quirky Oakley first to their home and, this past year, added Buddy as well. These dogs have both become 4-H projects for the teenagers in the household who are working successfully to teach obedience to their companions. Continue reading Buddy & Oakley: Another AireCanada Success Story!

Sheena Continues to Look for her New Home!


Sheena, located here in BC, hopes to have a new home shortly. Could it be with you?

We have this report on Sheena from Kathleen Dickey, Owner, Canine Corner Doggy Daycare in Burnaby, BC. :

Sheena has been coming to daycare for a week now, myself and all of my staff have observed that she has excellent interaction with other dogs. She is with approximately 30 dogs each day and has no problems being with groups of dogs. She is wonderful with people very sweet, very happy and really appreciates attention and accepts touching and petting with genuine appreciation. All of us think she is just a wonderful dog and the person that adopts her will have a sweet well adjusted dog. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already I would want to adopt her. Whomever adopts Sheena will be getting a wonderful companion.

Our most sincere thanks go to Kathleen and her caring staff for their assistance with Sheena.

For further information regarding Sheena, please contact Maureen Scott

Sheena has moved to BC!

Sheena, the ten year old AireGirl who thinks she is a puppy, is looking for her forever home in BC. She arrived on Sunday and has been wag-wag-wagging and offering everyone kisses ever since.
Sheena Before and After
Before and After

If you believe that you are Sheena’s special angel who can give this affectionate Airedale a forever home, please contact Maureen  Scott for further information about this sweet girl!

Sheena, before and after…

I thought that some people might be interested in seeing a before and after shot of our Sheena.

Sheena Before and After

In her “Before” shot, Sheena was 99 lbs and her hair was so matted we had to shear it all off. Her hind mammary glands were hanging down to her hocks. She could barely bend her body enough to turn a circle. Her obesity meant that she had a hard time getting up from sitting or lying down. She had to literally lurch herself upright. Her nails were very long making it all the harder for her to walk properly. That was back in early February. Almost five months ago.

In her “After” shot, SheShe is now around 80 lbs, fully recovered from a mastectomy that removed the troublesome mammary glands. She can turn a circle with ease, walk, run around the yard, jump on the couch, run up the stairs taking two stairs at a time (thank you very much), and ta-DA…she can do a tuckbuttrun like any self-respecting Airedale! Well, her version of it anyway! It’s so nice to see her feeling so perky and funny. She is back to enjoying life and I think she plans to live it to the fullest! Sheena is still looking hard for her forever home! Can you keep up with this ten-year-old-going-on-eight? If you can, email BritishColumbia@airecanada.com or fill in an application at http://www.airecanada.com/applicationform.html