A Letter From Lennon

Lennon has been adopted and is enjoying life in his new forever home.   Today we received a letter from him and some pictures of him and his pals.

Dear AireCanada,

I am settling in well with my new mommy. I follow her around the house and get plenty of affection.  She does not work, so she is with me almost all the time.  She has a lot of time to take care of me and I love the company.

I have new friend, her name is Fiona.  She is a 5 year old Bull Terrier and she loves to play as much as I do.  We play a lot.  I go on walks to the Dog Park, play with my friends and I even learned to walk on the treadmill.  It took me only a couple of days to get used to it.  Now, I love it.  When Fiona and I hear the treadmill, we race to be the first to exercise.   Sometime, I am a gentleman and I let her win and sometime I win.

 I also have 2 other friends that come to the house a few time a week.  Laika, she is a 13 year old Labrador.  She is nice but does not play.  Lolita is a 4 year old Airedale and she plays a lot.  Fiona, Lolita and I have a great time together.  There is also a human boy that comes with Lolita and Laika.  He is fun and he also plays with me and throws me the ball.

 I must say thank you to my old mommy, she loved me.  When she could not keep me anymore, she gave me to Airecanada to find me a great home.

 Bye, Fiona is calling, I have to go and play.

Love,  Lennon


About Steph MacNeil - Ontario

I have been involved with AireCanada Airedale Rescue as a coordinator for the province of Ontario since 2003. I currently have two of my own Airedales, both females, Groovy 6 and Maggie 5. Along with my two furkids we often have foster 'dales come and spend some time with us while they are waiting for their forever homes.

2 thoughts on “A Letter From Lennon

  1. Yeah Lennon!

    Congratulations on your new digs, family and friends….and treadmill…some dogs have all the luck.

    We’ll be watching for more stories & photos.

    Taylor, Toffee & Ruby….Edmonton’s Grrrl Gang

  2. Dear Lennon,

    I often think of you and was just going to call your Mom to see how you were doing. You look sooo happy with all your new friends. Fiona looks happy too.

    Thanks to your Mom for writing and letting us know how you are. Looking forward to more great fun stories and pictures.

    OH, Phoebe and Poppy say woof. They met you briefly.

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