A little update on Sheena in Alberta (Now in BC)

Our Sheena has been going through a lovely transformation (down to 83 lbs as of this morning! YAY!!!) thanks to her foster parents, Gary and Marie-AndrĂ©e in Edmonton. Sheena has lost some weight, but more importantly she has gained some much needed muscle and mobility through regular long walks…and now RUNS as well! As of today, April 5th, Sheena is undergoing surgery to remove the troublesome, pendulous mammary glands that were the result of an unresolved case of mastitis some three years ago!

I will post another update as soon as Sheena is in recovery at the vet clinic. Please keep paws crossed and send some good thoughts for Sheena! All she will want when she gets home is, I’m sure, to climb back in her favorite spot on the couch. Sheena is still actively looking for her forever home. So if you have it in your heart to give this affectionate girl her wish, https://www.airecanada.com/applicationform.html

Sheena on the Couch

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