Airedale Pumpkin Army

On Halloween when the sky darkened, Scairey Pumpkins were seen across the world.  Here are some reported sightings….

Waiting for darkness

Carved by Galya Schwartz in Ontario, Canada.



Scaire-ing kids in Pittsburgh

Carved by Linda Brendlinger – Pittsburgh

And from across the pond....

Carved by Julia Geller – Ukraine

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Carved by Belinda Beokhoven with help from adt rescue boy Munro – Ontario, Canada

Huh? Who are YOU?






Duncan Pumpkindale



Carved by Judy Dwiggins and adt rescue boy Duncan – Oregon


Carved by Charlene Stahl


Carved by Steph MacNeill – Ontario Canada

Vairey Scairey

Carved by Michelle Hamilton – Kentucky

If you have any Halloween aire-pumpkins to add or you have pictures of your ‘dales dressed up to trick or treat please send them to me at and I will add them to the post.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!


About Steph MacNeil - Ontario

I have been involved with AireCanada Airedale Rescue as a coordinator for the province of Ontario since 2003. I currently have two of my own Airedales, both females, Groovy 6 and Maggie 5. Along with my two furkids we often have foster 'dales come and spend some time with us while they are waiting for their forever homes.

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