Almost an Airedale

At times, one of our volunteers may come across a part Airedale mixed breed that is just as deserving of a second chance to find a good home. Although they may not look like an Airedale, what makes them unique is their very Airedale-like qualities.Sometimes they are uniquely beautiful…sometimes uniquely odd looking! But always they are endearing souls with an Airedale’s sense of humor, that wish nothing more than to be loved.Although our organization does not fund mix breed rescue directly, our volunteers support each other in many ways with the rescue and placement of these “almost” Airedales.Whenever we can, we will also list Airedale mixes that are in foster care with other organizations or shelters in Canada.If you feel you could give a loving home to one of these unique dogs, please contact the volunteer or shelter listed with the dog. An application procedure will still apply, and there is normally an adoption fee charged to help cover the costs of fostering, vet care, etc.

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