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Sky – Toronto

Hello my name Sky. I am an Airedale mix. Airedales are the largest of the Terriers and are known to be alert and energetic. With regular grooming, I may shed very little. This is true of the Airedale breed. I am a playful girl who loves to go for walks and play with my toys. People tell me that my eyes are those of an old soul. They are kind and warm. I walk well on the leash and have a lovely temperament. I can be choosy as to which dogs I get along with. I should remain on the leash in the company of other dogs, for the time being. I may not be quite ready to romp around the dog parks just yet. It’s very possible, that out of the kennel environment, I may react differently. It may just be the stress of being in the shelter that’s making me reactive to some the other dogs. Under the right guidance, with some training and genuine TLC, I know I will make a great companion dog. I can’t wait to meet my new owner. Are you the one for me? Please say yes.
 Sky is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Sky has been adopted by a very special family who are taking her home even after learning that she has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Finesse, a beautiful mix (Adopted)


Finesse is a lovable, energetic mix. She’s approximately 1.5 years.

We believe she’s most likely part Greyhound. She’s graceful, leggy and probably very fast! Finnie is affectionate, loves to cuddle and loves to play with her ball. She has some obedience training but would require a bit more work on heeling. She would certainly benefit from an obedience class.  She gets excited when she sees another dog and pulls, but over all she’s a great walking or running companion and could probably be trained to bike as well. With her elegant, long legs, she no doubt enjoys using them. An active home would be best for our Finnie! This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to relax though. Finnie is quiet in the house, is happy to nap on her dog bed (Or curl up on the couch with you to watch tv) and sleeps quietly through the night uncrated. She is crate trained and is fairly quiet when crated (maybe a whimper or two). The most noise she makes in the crate is when she wags her tail and thumps loudly on the sides of the crate.

We do not know her history, so we would prefer she go to a home with some experience, and preferrably no small children in the house. This is ONLY because we do not know her background. A high fenced yard is ideal. She CAN jump! In fact, if anyone has some aspirations of participating in agility, Finesse might be a great candidate for that. She will require training to bring up her ball drive although she does work quite well for food.

Finnie is NOT a cat person…er…dog. So a cat free home is a must. We feel that she has a pretty high prey drive, so squirrels, look out! She’s can be a bit dominant, but so far she gets along with every dog she’s met, male or female.

Finesse is in the Edmonton, Alberta area and we would prefer placement in this region if at all possible. Finesse will be spayed before placement.

Finnie is a lovely girl and really deserves the best home we can find for her. If you’re interested, please contact Karen at