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Sophie – Alberta – ADOPTED

Could you be my new family?

Sophie’s owner passed away. She had two senior dogs, one an 8 year old Airedale called Sophie. Sophie is healthy and on no medications. She LOVES to walk and our neighbor would walk her 60-90 minutes everyday.

We are currently looking for a foster family in the Edmonton area and are reviewing applications we currently have on file. If you previously filled out an application and are interested please let us know. If you haven’t filled out an application please do.

JoJo – Kelowna BC


It is with such great pleasure that we announce that another beautiful Airedale has been given a chance for a wonderful forever home.

Thank you Michael and Crystall for accepting JoJo into your hearts and home,and thank you JoJo for accepting them as your new forever family.

Thank you Margaret Glass for all the arrangements to make this a reality.

Thanks to everyone at The Duke Hamel Memorial Airedale Adventure 2023 that helped make this happen and to THE MAGIC OF THE DRGON FLY!

Meet JoJo in Kelowna BC

She is 8 years old, and loves everybody she meets, adults and children. Plays well with other terriers, and just runs around with other dogs. Good with children. Quiet in the house unless she sees a squirrel or other dogs going by. Barks to warn of people coming to the door, but friendly when they are introduced . Likes a walk. Pulls too much when other dogs get noisy. Health has been good.

She is calm, friendly, and very attached to her people.

JoJo, although a full Airedale was an accidental breeding and is not registered. She comes from Tappan originally. She is micro chipped.

Age and downsizing to an apartment has resulted in the belief that JoJo would be happier with more space and a family that can provide the energy she deserves.

We hope are hopeful that JoJo will be able to attend the Duke Hamel Memorial Airedale Adventure in Lumby September 11-14

AireCanada is currently looking for interest in in JoJo, either just fostering or perhaps foster to adopt.

Please submit your applications here


Skye is about 90lbs and 24 inches to the shoulder. She is about 4 years old and has not yet been fixed. She is currently in a foster to adopt home in British Columbia

She has great house manners no counter surfing, no begging at the table or while eating on the couch, no treat aggression.

Knows sit, stay and down

Plays great with other dogs and from a few interactions with children she did well.

Does not jump on furniture. Not scared of a crate but never gone in it yet.

Does not chase cars.

Loves car rides and walks

Unknown to how she would act with a cat but while walking she does bark at them.

Not scared of loud noises or raised voices.

Is energetic when people come into the house but calms down quickly. 

Does not jump on people but when excited she does stand on back legs.

Loves to go for a walk, not scared of collar or her leash.

Plays dead when it’s grooming time, if you can lift her she will lay down in the shower/bath and same with the grooming table.

Pulls her paws away with touching them.

Never bitten nor growled while grooming and bathing 

She did growl at other dog when feeding at the same time but watched over her while feeding and did well. 

Her current foster family has provided the following about their work on training Skye

I have been taking her food way periodically when she is eating and no aggression towards me or the other dog

I have been  touching paws, and bugging her while she is laying around and no reaction other than annoyance.

When barking in the house using; to settle her we say; “it’s ok” “leave it” and “good girl” this informs she does not need to protect us which I have seen improvement on.

When pulling on the leash with no one around “easy” she relaxes a bit more

When I see a biker coming along we stand 4 ft out of the way a assure her with “it’s ok” “leave it” and “good girl” I have seem improvements with this as we have been introduced her to what a bike is.

When we see another dog we try to use “”it’s ok” “leave it” and “good girl” before gets in the zone for barking. 

She needs help with snapping out of the barking on leash at other dogs.

She is a bit over weight but with walks and restrictions to the amount of treats she will be fit in no time. 

Airecanada believes Skye would do well with some professional training and we are expecting her new family to proceed with spaying but not until she has settled and is comfortable in her new setting.

Those interested in other Airedales should complete an application at

How Big is Your Heart?


I would love to come home with you and be your companion!
I would love to come home with you and be your companion!

Meet Tucker! Tucker is a two year old Airedale Terrier crossed with an Irish Terrier.  He is a big boy who weighs between 65 and 70 pounds and he has a gorgeous red coat reminiscent of the Irish Terrier.  This engaging fellow is located in Victoria, BC, and is currently in the care of the Victoria Branch of the SPCA.

AireCanada is impressed with the amount of training the SPCA staff has given Tucker during his 6 month stay with this agency. Tucker arrived at the shelter very undersocialized and actively “tasting” the world around him. He is not an inherently   aggressive dog but merely a foolish Terrier puppy who needs a firm but loving hand. He has learned hand commands and is easily distracted from poorly chosen behaviors when his handler offers food.

Our local AireCanada volunteer visited Tucker and took him for a walk. Due to his tendency to mouth, Tucker has been taught to wear a muzzle when he is out and about in public. Despite being a very strong dog, he walked nicely with our volunteer and played gently with a chance-met puppy. He reacted well to positive reinforcement. He ignored some birds that were encountered during the outing completely! Our volunteer deemed him to be a nice boy with lots of potential.

If you adopt me, I promise to work hard to learn how to be the dog you want to have in your life forever!
If you adopt me, I promise to work hard to learn how to be the dog you want to have in your life forever!

Tucker requires a Terrier-experienced home — someone who understands the Terrier temperament and who is willing to continue his training and to work to extinguish his puppy mouthing tendencies. Because of his size and enthusiastic demeanor, Tucker is not a suitable dog to live with young children. It is our impression that Tucker could be an absolutely amazing companion for an active individual — someone who enjoys hiking, running or being involved in outdoor activities.

See Tucker in action here:

Tucker play – – Gmail

This is a courtesy listing by AireCanada on behalf of the Victoria SPCA. Please contact Annie Bell at the Victoria SPCA at 250-388-7722 if you are interested in adopting Tucker or learning more about him.  The AireCanada Airedale Rescue Network is willing to support Tucker’s adoption with advice regarding care and training.

Tucker is begging for you to offer him a new home. How can you resist that face?