AireCanada would like to thank all our generous donors!

Carmen Maier & Molly the Dale, Canada

Elizabeth & Stan Walters, USA/Canada, “In remembrance of Magnus”

Canine Corner for helping with Henry

Linda Doering, USA

Diane, Lynnette, Maggie and Donna, Canada, “In remembrance of Merlin”

Claudia Cavin, USA

Pam Jones, USA

Shar Sherman, USA

Mare & Nick Moore, Canada

Dave & Deb MacDonald, Canada

Dianne Wilson, Canada, “In remembrancce of Sean & Marina Herbert’s Airedale, Sanjo”

Sandra Merwin, Montana Artist, USA

Jean Maple & her Airedale, Kerry, Great Britain

Dizine Canine Pet Dog Training & Daycare Centre for helping with Henry < >

Libby Karier & Airedale Charlie, USA

Jackie McGuinness & the Wild Bunch, Great Britain

Tammy Beauchaine, USA “In remembrance of LL”

Vicki Ziegler, Canada, “In memory of Barbara Durance”

Mare Moore, Canada “In remembrance of LL”

Ranette Thorpe, Canada

Jeff & Cheryl Stern, Canada “In remembrance of our friend’s dog, Casey”

Andrea Denninger, USA, “In remembrance of Tom McGuinness”

Mare Moore, Canada, “In remembrance of Tom McGuinness”

Maureen & Jim Scott, Canada, “In remembrance of Tom McGuinness”

Yvonne Winram & Charlie Purpora, Canada, “In remembrance of Courtenay”

Claudia Cavin, USA, Christmas, 2013

Jackie McGuinness, UK, “for rescued boy, Jackie”

Mare Moore, Canada, “In remembrance of Barbara Durance”

Rick Hoff & Catherine Morrison, Canada, ” In Memory of ‘Player’ and in honor of Helen Arnold and her great dogs”

Lauren Lupton, Canada, “In memory of Anderson”

Jackie McGuinness, UK, “To celebrate Hamish’ birthday”

Airedales in the Park, Canada

Mare & Nick Moore & Black Betty,  Canada,  “In memory of Elaine Hu’s Sunshade the Superdale”

Wendy Carty, USA

Linda McVey, Canada, “In memory of Picabou (Dendaric Quantum Leap) and Breezy, we would like to make a donation to AireCanada Rescue. Thank you, Petkind, for making this possible and to everyone who voted.”

Gail & Jim Spring, Canada, “In remembrance of Lexie who died Sept. 23/14 of Pure Red Cell Aplasia. She was only 4 years old.”

Finn Canadensis & Jackson, Canada

Sue & Colin Lucas and Lyric the Airedale, Canada

Claudia Cavin, USA (2014)

Nick & Mare Moore, Canada (2014)

The Retter Family, Canada (Donation in memory of Abby Retter) (2014-16)

Jackie McGuinness & her Wild Bunch, UK (2014-15)

Dianne Alsop, Canada, in memory of Bonnie Winram-Purpora (2015)

Lauren Lupton, Canada, in  memory of Bonnie Winram-Purpora (2015)

Mare Moore, Canada (2015)

Sue McGrory, USA (2015)

Barbara Snyder-Cole, USA (2015)

Rebeccah Eash, USA (2015)

Liouxeese Hadley, Australia (2015)

Judy Dwiggins, USA (2015)

Grazyna Benaissa, Canada (2015)

Alverna Bressette, (USA) (2015)

Sandi Kates (USA) (2015)

Dianne Wilson (Canada) (2015) “In memory of Kelsey Herbert”

Claudia Cavin, (USA) (2016)

Mare Moore, (Canada) (2016) “In memory of Mr. Mac, much beloved by Jackie MacGuinness, UK”

Lauren Lupton, (Canada) (2016) ” In memory or Robbie, much beloved by Yvonne Winram & Charlie Purpora”

Dianne Alsop, (Canada) (2016) “In memory of Robbie, much beloved by Yvonne Winram & Charlie Purpora”

Mare & Nick Moore, (Canada) (2016) “Donation to AireCanada to commemorate the June 21, 2016 wedding of our beloved friend, Jackie McGuinness, to Richard Parker…“Mìle fàilte dhuit le d’bhréid, Fad do ré gun robh thu slàn. Móran làithean dhuit is sìth, Le d’mhaitheas is le d’nì bhi fàs.”

Dave MacDonald, (Ontario) (2018) has sent a donation in honor of Shelley Stotts Airedale, Milo, who passed recently.