Looking for a Companion? Try Buzz!

Buzz has been placed; if you are interested in
other Airedales please fill out an application at https://www.airecanada.com/applicationform.html

Buzz is an exceptional 18 month old Airedale who is looking for an exceptional owner! Could that be you?

A neutered male, essentially still a large puppy, Buzz has had little opportunity in his short life to undergo much socialization with other dogs or obedience training but he loves — ADORES — people! Other dogs? Well, not so much . . . . Despite being a strong boy, he is presently learning to walk nicely on leash without pulling unduly. We think he will learn other skills as quickly.

In the right environment, we believe that Buzz will blossom into a wonderful companion for the special angel that offers him a home. As with most Airedales, his new home will require a sturdily fenced yard and an owner who can show leadership. A bonus would be a situation outside of a busy urban area. The successful applicant who adopts or offers to foster with an option to adopt Buzz will live in Atlantic Canada and will have no children under the age of 12 years and no cats. Buzz would probably do best in a situation where he will be the only dog.

If you are interested in Buzz, please complete AireCanada’s online application form. Contact Maureen Tate for further information.

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