Ozzy In Ontario Has a New Home!

Due to a move to a smaller residence and not being able to properly exercise him, Ozzy’s owner is having to surrender him. Ozzy needs an active family that will walk or jog with him on a daily bases. He loves these activities and looks forward to them.  Although not destructive he gets bored when not exercised and left to his on devices. A fenced in back yard to call his own is a must.  Ozzy is an  affectionate dog with gentlemanly manners. He does not mark in the house or beg at the table. He sleeps on his bed at night. He is well trained and socialized with other dogs due to his attendance at Doggy Day Care. Like many of our Airedale kids Ozzy does cower or yelp if he fears something. He needs time to feel secure in his surroundings. He does enjoy being petted and fussed over but  he does not enjoy having his tummy rubbed unless he asks for the attention. He will get up and walk away. On the other hand he loves his bath and being groomed.
Ozzy is a healthy, 7 year old, neutered Male who needs a family to love and adore him and give him the activity he needs. He needs a home without young children.
If you are  in Ontario and  looking for a good looking mid sized Airedale gentleman  to love and enjoy an active life with,  please fill in an application and contact Barbara Durance  at bpdurance@rogers.com

5 thoughts on “Ozzy In Ontario Has a New Home!

  1. Beautiful boy. Would he work out in a household with another male airedale about the same age? Where in Ontario is he being adopted from?

  2. Beautiful dog. We just lost our 13 1/2 year old male in January and our 7 year old female is extremely lonely – not to mention the big empty we feel. As we’ve now had 5 Airedales, perhaps Ozzy would be happy to make it an even half dozen!! Love, fun and exercise would be here in abundance!

  3. Just read these comments and they are obviously no shortage of adoptees. Sounds like Ozzy won’t be alone too long. In fact, maybe he is alreday gone to his forever home.


  4. I, too, have now had 5 Airedales. I have 3 now, a brother and sister who will be 9 this year and another female who will be 8. I wish I could have another. I love Airedales. Each one I have has a different personality and they’re all very special. The boy is my first male and he’s so obedient and sucky but he’s very protective as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another boy. I never had kids so they’re my family. The look forward to weekends when they go everywhere with their mom. They’re crazy dogs and I can’t imagine life without them.


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