Rosie in NS

Rosie is a beautiful, 5 1/2 year old Airedale Terrier who has not had a very good start in life. 

She has had at least one litter of puppies and possibly more.  She is one of the most gentle Airedales I have had the pleasure if taking into rescue.
She came to AireCanada a woolly bear, almost unrecognizable as an Airedale and as you can see from her pictures she looks very much like the Airedale she is. She was also intact and had a lump the size of a golf ball almost at the base of her neck,
She has been spayed, the lump has been removed and she is micro-chipped.  Rosie has not had much exercise in her life and consequently she has very little muscle mass. 
A FENCED YARD  is a must for her adoption.  She is great with other dogs, does not like cats and is great with children, men and woman.  However because of her size  adoption will only be considered with families that have older children or families that already have a dog and the children are dog savvy.

Rosie has been adopted and is now very happy in her new home




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  1. Hello ,
    We are looking for an airdale . We have an existing Airdale named Gussie who we got as a puppy and is 11 years old.Gussie is our second Airdale ,Our first only lived to be 6 (blood cancer) . We are excellent,responsible owners with many references both veterinarian and personal.Our dogs come to work every day ,get regular exercise (we live on an acerage).

    thankyou Peter

  2. Kate and I have recently (Oct/09) lost our adopted airedale Ceilidh to hip and knee displaisia. She was 11 years old, we adopted her from a lady in Saint John at age 4. We do not have a fenced yard but a fairly large yard and plenty of good dog walking areas close by.
    Peter Hastings

  3. I believe that Rosie may be the mother of our three year old. We purchased her outside of New Glasgow. She seemed to be very well loved and the litter, although not registered, was very socialized. One of our neighbours has a littermate. They are absolutely wonderful dogs. I would like some additional information. if this is the same girl, we loved Rosie as she had such a wonderful temperament. We would definitely be interested. I can’t believe that this could happen. The owners seems to love her so much.

  4. We are the proud and happy forever home of Joey, who came to us at 3, also with very little muscle mass due to crating 23/. I remember puppy soft pads and his inability to sit up for even a minute. Joey is now 6 and a very strong 80 pound gentle giant who is both mentor and companion to our 16 month old, intact male, Eddy.

    Our first ‘dale was Rupert, who survived an infiltrating lipoma that wrapped itself around his trachea. At one point he looked like the Frankendale, with almost 12″ of stitches and 3 drains. Rupert recovered quickly and continued as a service dog and the proud mentor and companion of the Star(bear) for many years after his surgery. Also a rescue at 3.5, Rupert had been returned to his breeder though.

    The resilience of this breed is extraordinary and we can attest to their ability to overcome adversity and respond with love and loyalty to those who have the patience to allow them to heal in body and spirit. Rosie will doubtless become a proud and integral member of the family lucky enough to giver her a second chance.

  5. I know that this will not qualify us as we will not be moving from Quebec to our home ion the Miramichi. We are the proud owners of Poppy, our 2 year old Airedale and are always looking for another one. I am sure the Rosy will be adopted to a good home.

    Until then, we will keep in toouch.

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