Sheena, before and after…

I thought that some people might be interested in seeing a before and after shot of our Sheena.

Sheena Before and After

In her “Before” shot, Sheena was 99 lbs and her hair was so matted we had to shear it all off. Her hind mammary glands were hanging down to her hocks. She could barely bend her body enough to turn a circle. Her obesity meant that she had a hard time getting up from sitting or lying down. She had to literally lurch herself upright. Her nails were very long making it all the harder for her to walk properly. That was back in early February. Almost five months ago.

In her “After” shot, SheShe is now around 80 lbs, fully recovered from a mastectomy that removed the troublesome mammary glands. She can turn a circle with ease, walk, run around the yard, jump on the couch, run up the stairs taking two stairs at a time (thank you very much), and ta-DA…she can do a tuckbuttrun like any self-respecting Airedale! Well, her version of it anyway! It’s so nice to see her feeling so perky and funny. She is back to enjoying life and I think she plans to live it to the fullest! Sheena is still looking hard for her forever home! Can you keep up with this ten-year-old-going-on-eight? If you can, email¬†or fill in an application at

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