Sheena Continues to Look for her New Home!


Sheena, located here in BC, hopes to have a new home shortly. Could it be with you?

We have this report on Sheena from Kathleen Dickey, Owner, Canine Corner Doggy Daycare in Burnaby, BC. :

Sheena has been coming to daycare for a week now, myself and all of my staff have observed that she has excellent interaction with other dogs. She is with approximately 30 dogs each day and has no problems being with groups of dogs. She is wonderful with people very sweet, very happy and really appreciates attention and accepts touching and petting with genuine appreciation. All of us think she is just a wonderful dog and the person that adopts her will have a sweet well adjusted dog. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already I would want to adopt her. Whomever adopts Sheena will be getting a wonderful companion.

Our most sincere thanks go to Kathleen and her caring staff for their assistance with Sheena.

For further information regarding Sheena, please contact Maureen Scott

One thought on “Sheena Continues to Look for her New Home!

  1. Go Sheena, you are a lovely girl, the dales have there paws crossed that you will be going to your new home !!!!!

    Molly Moe & Teddy Bear

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