Sheena has found her New Home!

Did someone call my name?

Sheena went to a wonderful new home this past Sunday. Her new family met her and it was love at first sight on both sides. When they left, they took her with them to start a new life filled with fun and affection.

We believe that Sheena is a very, very lucky girl!

Am I going with you? Really?

We offer our most sincere thanks to Sheena’s family for providing her with a great home. Grateful thanks also go to everyone who helped Sheena recover her health, fostered her and loved her along the road to her new life.

You did all that for me? Thank you so much!

4 thoughts on “Sheena has found her New Home!

  1. I am so happy and very thankful to the family who have given Sheena her forever home. Also of course to all the wonderful people who have been in her life.She looks wonderful in these photos..even her hair has grown back! I have been watching her story from the time she arrived at Airecanada and hoping the best for her.You are all very special.

  2. Awesome such great news, I hope sheena and her new family will be very happy together! Thank you too everyone that was involved with sheena’s care you all do a wonderful job.

  3. that is fantastic! I am so happy for her and wish her many happy years with her new family 🙂

  4. Thank you to the family that gave Sheena a forever home. I wish I could have but it was not my time. I hope she gives you an infinite amount of joy. I am sure she will. Much love to you for opening your home.

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