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A Successful Friends of Airedales Dinner!

On Oct.27, the second annual Friends of Airedales dinner was held in conjunction with the Tradex dog show in Abbotsford, BC. You can see the happy diners in the photo above. A silent auction was held following the dinner. Featured were many splendid Airedale items which were snapped up very quickly. As a result over $500 was raised for AireCanada rescue.

It was a great week to be a dog lover here on the west coast of Canada. Many of the dinner guests also visited the dog show to admire the Airedales. Below you can see AireCanada volunteer, Margaret Glass, and Airedale owner, Heather Wittrock, admiring Joanne Helm’s lovely boy, Curteis.

Look at that lovely leg!
What a handsome fellow!

AireCanada member Elaine Hu’s girl, Sunshade proved to be handy at collecting her own treats at the various seller’s booths:

Yum! Mine!!


And breeder/AireCanada member Joanne Helm shared a friendly moment with her boy, Curteis:

I love you! I love you!

And here’s Sunshade having a chat with Mary Carr’s Irish Terrier:

You're a very pretty Airedale!

And here is Carol Godfrey’s cute little pup:

Are you taking my picture?

Please plan to attend the third annual Friends of Airedales dinner to be held next year during the Tradex show. Rescuers, breeders, Airedale owners and everyone who loves the breed will be very welcome.

Many thanks to Elaine Hu for providing the photographs used in this posting.

The Animal Rescue Site Challenge

AireCanada is participating in the Holiday Shelter Challenge with The Animal Rescue Site.

Voting begins on September 20, 2010, and ends at midnight (PST) on December 19, 2010.

It does not cost anything and everyone can do it every day, and if we get enough votes we will raise $1000 for AireCanada.

First go to The Animal Rescue Site and look for a logo near the top like this

on the next page you will see a button right at the top to vote it looks like

On the next page you have to find AireCanada as below. Then vote and confirm a picture (This stops automated cheaters)

Make sure to change the province to BC when searching for Airecanada.

Current Results

Nov 27th we are 7th in Canada with 2.98% of Canadian voters.

Nov 28th we are 7th in Canada with 3.18% of Canadian voters.

Nov 29th we are 6th in Canada with 3.31% of Canadian voters.

Nov 30th we are 5th in Canada with 3.61% of Canadian voters.

Oct 1st we are 5th in Canada with 3.61% of Canadian voters.

Oct 4th we are still in 5th in Canada with 3.52% of Canadian voters, we lost a little ground over the weekend but are still right on the tail of the Orphaned Kitten Rescue.

I know everybody likes Orphaned Kitties but we need to get ahead of them for the Airedales!!

Oct 5th we are 4th in Canada with 3.58% of Canadian voters, our next competitor is Speaking of Dogs at 6.84% we can do it.  We are 3.26% back today.

Oct 6th we have fallen back to 5th today with 3.65% of the vote, .12% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.21% behind Speaking of dogs, although we are in 5th we have gained ground on 3rd place

Oct 7th still at 5th today with 3.59% of the vote, .21% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.27% behind Speaking of dogs.

Oct 8th still at 5th today with 3.61% of the vote, .15% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.17% behind Speaking of dogs. we are gaining keep voting!!

Oct 11th still at 5th today with 3.52% of the vote, .14% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.12% behind Speaking of dogs.  Gaining slowly everyone keep voting!!

Oct 12th still at 5th today with 3.45% of the vote, .11% behind the Orphaned Kitties and 3.15% behind Speaking of dogs.  Looking for a bump from all our friends over at Airedale-L today!!

Oct 13th 4th today with 3.68% of the vote, .08% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.85% behind Speaking of dogs.  A huge jump thanks in to all our friends over at Airedale-L! Everybody keep voting we have a big chance to get to #3 at this rate.

Oct 14th 4th today with 3.77% of the vote, .21% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.68% behind Speaking of dogs.  Another huge jump, we are gaining again keep it up!

Oct 15th 4th today with 3.82% of the vote, .31% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 2.64% behind Speaking of dogs.  We are still gaining everybody keep it up.

Oct 18th What a huge weekend, 4th today with 4.79% of the vote, 1.58% AHEAD of the Orphaned Kitties and 1.51% behind Speaking of dogs.  Another 3 days like that and we will be in 3rd place.

Oct 19th 4th today with 4.92% of the vote, 1.43% behind Speaking of dogs. Keep it up everyone

Oct 20th 4th today with 5.19% of the vote, 1.26% behind Speaking of dogs. At this rate we will be in 3rd in 7 days

Oct 21th 4th today with 5.08% of the vote, 1.13% behind Speaking of dogs.

Oct 21th 4th today with 5.33% of the vote, 0.99% behind Speaking of dogs. Less than 1% away!

Oct 27th 4th today with 5.88% of the vote, 0.65% behind Speaking of dogs. Sorry for not having time for updates in the last few days. Keep going we can do this.

Oct 28th 4th today with 6.05% of the vote, 0.61% behind Speaking of dogs.  Time for a big Haloween push….

Oct 29th 4th today with 6.34% of the vote, 0.34% behind Speaking of dogs.  Just another couple of days and we are in the money

!!Go AireCanada Go!!

Toronto AireFest 2010

AireCanada Airedale Rescue’s
Toronto Airefest 2010
 May 29, 2010.
11.00 AM till 2.30 PM
Marie Curtis Park (east side) 
Lakeshore Rd and Forty Second Street, Etobicoke
All Airedales, Their owners, Friends
All ADT wanna B’s are Welcome
It is to be held  rain or shine
Come join us for:
ADT Games
Count the cookies
Grooming Demonstration
Bake sale for humans and the diserning gormet Airedale
Raffle and a Silent Auction Table with many Airedale Items 
Airefest  a Great place to meet other Airedale owners and their best friends.
Help make this the biggest and best AireFest ever.

Surrey Museum Easter Fair 2010

AireCanada booth at the Surrey MuseumToday Gator, Elliott, Karen and Scott went to represent AireCanada at the Surrey Museum Easter Fair.

First we met Jake a Lab/Rottweiler cross. He is recovering from surgery in February, now he only has 3 legs, but he sure wanted to play. He is looking for a forever home with his new friends from Big Heart Rescue

Clearly while Jake waits for his permanent home he is getting lots of love. Such a happy boy. Good Luck Jake.

  Next we met Jamie, he was fun to play with and is also looking for his forever home with help from his new friends from Big Heart Rescue.

Jamie is a really good dog who got love from everyone in the room, but could sure use a family to love him forever. Good Luck Jamie and thanks to Big Heart Rescue for helping.



Here is Gator and her new friend Remee. Remee was with The Penny Foundation Dog Rescue Society, his adoption is still pending but that didn’t stop him from getting some love from Karen.


Gator and Elliott sure wanted to play with Flopsy from the SPCA, but Flopsy decided it would be best to hide in her pen behind her writeup.

We didn’t even get a name for this strange fellow, but everybody deserves a good loving forever home.

AireCanada, Gator, Elliott, Jake, Jamie, Remee, Flopsy,  Karen, Scott and Snakes everywhere would like to thank the City of Surrey and the Surrey Museum for holding such a wonderful Easter Fair event and look forward to returning next year.



SPCA Paws for a Cause

AireCanada  Booth @ Richmond Paws event
AireCanada Booth @ Richmond Paws event

September 13, 2009 AireCanada was invited to join the Richmond BC SPCA Paws for a Cause event.  Our two Airedales of course had to make the event.  There were other rescue groups there also.  We had some interest at our booth but mainly people want to meet Gator and Elliott (Elliott is the one you see in the photo).  We met three other Airedales and had a mini playdate.  This is our second event with the SPCA as we did Coquitlam last year.  We are hoping to do Burnaby next year.  It is great that a group like the SPCA wants other rescue groups to be recognized.

Gator and Elliott giving some love to two people who stopped by our booth
Gator and Elliott giving some love to two people who stopped by our booth

See all the photos from this event.