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Have a Scairey Halloween

You too can ‘dale up your doorway with this Airedale pumpkin pattern! 

First I got this template from ehow.com  http://i.ehow.com/media/docs/holiday/halloween/pumpkin_carving_templates/dog.pdf

I put a piece of white paper over top and traced the eyes, noes and tongue but added triangles for ears and a shaggy beard.   ***Note: do not make complete triangles for ears, leave the  corner closest to the head incomplete ***

Next I taped the new and improved dog to the pumpkin.  Then using a tooth pick I poked holes along all the edges.

Cut along toothpick holes to reveal your Scairy-dale Terror


  Happy Halloween Aaaarooooooo!

**** If you carve an ADT pumpkin, please email me a picture at rebels_mommy@yahoo.com .  For Halloween I will post a picture of our Airedale Pumpkin Army!!!  *****