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Will you give Jessie in Nova Scotia a home?



Jessie is a purebred Airedale who needs a new home. She will be a mere two years old in July.


She loves being with people but, like most young Airedales, can be easily distracted by other interesting events — a dog to play with, a leaf to chase….

She is currently being kenneled and has become great friends with two male dogs, but we have yet to confirm whether she can do as well with female canine companions.

Airedales are, essentially, dogs bred to hunt small animals. Thus, Jessie has a strong prey drive. We  cannot recommend her to a home which she must share with cats, rabbits, small rodents and similar creatures. A securely fenced yard is required as well.

JessieIn her previous circumstances, Jessie was allowed to run free and can be described as something of a free spirit. We believe she will need lessons to teach correct leash behavior and are looking into having a trainer offer an assessment and, perhaps, some training to encourage respectful on-leash behavior.

Jessie is spayed and vet checked. Her blood chemistry is good. However, she may have a minor problem with her left stifle. We are waiting to see if this may be only a slight sprain. She has been groomed and looks wonderful!

Jessie has the funniest ear which sticks up. This gives her a very quizzical — and unique –appearance.


NS: Jessie is Adopted!

Jessie Dec 2009 036 - Copy

Jessie Dec 2009 022

Jessie is a lovely 6 year old Airedale.  Full of spunk, very clever.  Knows all the obedience commands.
Loves to go for walks and is good on leash except when she gets the scent of something more interesting than just the walk.  Is great in the house and does not need to be crated.  Sleeps with her foster Mom.

Fenced yard is a requirement of adoption. Jessie is on teh way to her new home, If you are interested in another airedale please complete an AireCanada adoption application which can be found on our home page.

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