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A Letter From Munro

Dear Steph,

I would like to thank you for my stay at your excellent Bed & Breakfast.  I felt very welcome in your home and the hospitality was most generous. I would also like to thank you for your recommendation for my future accommodations.  Since arriving here, I have learned many new things, but overall I’ve found the adjustment quite easy.  There is another dog here, Penta, who quickly became a good friend and companion.  She has been very helpful at explaining thing that were unfamiliar to me.

One of these was that the two mobile, furry toys weren’t toys at all: they were cats.  As you know, I’d never really encountered these before, and it took some
 effort to resist playing with them.  (Apparently, they don’t like that.)  Did you know that they squeak, as well?   And hiss.  Anyway, I’ve got the idea now, and I must say that they squeak and hiss less than they used to.  Perhaps the batteries are running down.


The people here are very keen on exercise, so I have no doubt that I’ll stay in shape.  It’s been fun exploring new places and also making new friends in the neighbourhood.  I’ve also been given a new bed, leash, etc., and there seems to be a ready supply of sticks and chews!
They tell me that I’ll be going to school with Penta, so that we can have a ‘refresher’ of all the things we know.  We walk well together, but apparently it causes alarm when I develop plans of my own at the dog park.  I always come back, though, so I don’t really see what the problem is!  Not to worry, I’m happy to go along with the plan – it could be fun!

I’ve borrowed some pictures to give you an idea of my new friends – hope you like them!

All the best and thanks again,