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Rescue Now Works as Pet Therapy Dog


Chelsea began her “job” as a Pet Therapy Dog at Bethesda Senior’s Home in Steinbach, Manitoba in October 2009. After only 6 months of getting to know Chelsea…when she rescued our family, she displayed ideal characteristics of a “therapy dog”. She is gentle, patient, polite, and very intuitive. I introduced her to Pam, the activities director at the senior’s home and Pam was so impressed with Chelsea’s gentle disposition and good manners she was hired! And so our journey began…weekly visits to cheer and heal the elderly. Once a week I drive Chelsea to her “job”. As she enters the building, her tail begins to wag. We spend an hour peeking into Senior’s rooms waiting for an invite from the “regulars” who need healing therapy from Chelsea. Sometimes it’s just a pat on the head or even a gentle hug. I am always amazed how alzheimer’s patients suddenly recall the name of their family pet of 30 years ago, or the very sick reach out a crippled hand to rub her ear. Sometimes Chelsea’s job is as simple as just sitting quietly next to a patients bed for a few minutes. At only 5 years old, Chelsea has many years ahead to bring “paw-sitive” pet therapy healing to many local seniors.

Chelsea lives in Ste. Genevieve, Manitoba on a 10 acre property with her 3 year old wire fox terrier brother, Cosmo and 12 year old airedale sister, Mookie, also “rescues”.

Her hobbies include long walks with her “people”, playing with Cosmo and occasionally barking at the 2 resident cats.

[Chelsea’s owner is Michele Krowchuk.]