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Sheena Continues to Look for her New Home!


Sheena, located here in BC, hopes to have a new home shortly. Could it be with you?

We have this report on Sheena from Kathleen Dickey, Owner, Canine Corner Doggy Daycare in Burnaby, BC. :

Sheena has been coming to daycare for a week now, myself and all of my staff have observed that she has excellent interaction with other dogs. She is with approximately 30 dogs each day and has no problems being with groups of dogs. She is wonderful with people very sweet, very happy and really appreciates attention and accepts touching and petting with genuine appreciation. All of us think she is just a wonderful dog and the person that adopts her will have a sweet well adjusted dog. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already I would want to adopt her. Whomever adopts Sheena will be getting a wonderful companion.

Our most sincere thanks go to Kathleen and her caring staff for their assistance with Sheena.

For further information regarding Sheena, please contact Maureen Scott

Sheena, before and after…

I thought that some people might be interested in seeing a before and after shot of our Sheena.

Sheena Before and After

In her “Before” shot, Sheena was 99 lbs and her hair was so matted we had to shear it all off. Her hind mammary glands were hanging down to her hocks. She could barely bend her body enough to turn a circle. Her obesity meant that she had a hard time getting up from sitting or lying down. She had to literally lurch herself upright. Her nails were very long making it all the harder for her to walk properly. That was back in early February. Almost five months ago.

In her “After” shot, SheShe is now around 80 lbs, fully recovered from a mastectomy that removed the troublesome mammary glands. She can turn a circle with ease, walk, run around the yard, jump on the couch, run up the stairs taking two stairs at a time (thank you very much), and ta-DA…she can do a tuckbuttrun like any self-respecting Airedale! Well, her version of it anyway! It’s so nice to see her feeling so perky and funny. She is back to enjoying life and I think she plans to live it to the fullest! Sheena is still looking hard for her forever home! Can you keep up with this ten-year-old-going-on-eight? If you can, email BritishColumbia@airecanada.com or fill in an application at https://www.airecanada.com/applicationform.html

Sheena is still looking for a home!

Sheena is growing her hair back! It’s still thin over her back, but the new hair now growing in is a lovely wire in beautiful copper and black. It seems that all we needed to do was to get her thyroid medication into her at the right time each day.

Sheena subsequently got a staph infection on her skin and needed some antibiotics and a way to help eliminate the bacteria on her skin surface. That too is clearing up nicely and looking lovely!

Sheena has a lot of energy for a 10 year old. This morning she initiated some goofy play with my boy Rio, but I had to ask them to tone it down a little because Rio likes to bite her on the neck and I didn’t want him to cause any irritation. She’s definitely more playful though. It’s all good! Sheena is a mischevious girl and what you THINK she should be like (a sedate matron) is a far cry from what she’s really like. She’s curious about everything, she’s got a sense of humor and a sense of adventure, that’s for sure.

Close up of Sheena's shirt

Sheena has a new shirt to show off….who says mosquito protection can’t be cute as well? This one subtly states that she’s royalty!

Sheena has been in foster care for nearly five months. Somewhere out there, surely, is that special someone who can give their heart to her. In return, just know that you will get a dog that loves you with every cell of her being. She really deserves to have someone of her own to love, to walk (or run!) with and to share her days with. A special bond that she won’t be taken away from, ever again. Please consider this senior who apparently hasn’t a clue that she should act like a senior…because she clearly doesn’t! If you are interested in being Sheena’s special person  https://www.airecanada.com/applicationform.html