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Tasha Urgently Needs a Home!

Don’t you think I am a pretty girl?

Thank you for your interest in Tasha. She has a new home!

Tasha is an Oorang-type, very large Airegirl who urgently needs a new home so she can have the hip surgery she so desperately requires. If you provide the home, AireCanada will provide the necessary surgery.

Here’s the situation. Tasha until recently was placed in a foster-to-adopt situation. However, when it was learned that Tasha has severe hip dysplasia which will require surgical intervention, the foster home, due to distance from the veterinarian’s office and an overabundance of stairs in their home, sadly agreed that AireCanada should search for a new placement for this dog. Tasha is presently in a temporary foster situation but needs a foster placement, or even better, a permanent home, with reasonable access to our veterinarian’s clinics in either Coquitlam or North Vancouver.  A home with a limited number of stairs would be considered a bonus.

I have a lot of presence even if I do limp. It’s my left hip that hurts. Despite the pain, I still will greet you happily and wag my tail for you, though.

Tasha is very much a “people” Airedale. She loves people and is very friendly. We have learned that Tasha co-exists nicely with other dogs as long as the dogs are polite and avoid jostling her sore hip. Due to pain, she doesn’t play much at the moment but is happy to be with the current foster home’s two Airedales — a male and a female. She has also visited a training facility that boards dogs and got along well with the other dogs present. Dogs met outside the home may provoke some barking and lunging, an issue that can be addressed through training and may be a result of lack of socialization during puppyhood along with the current high level of pain Tasha is experiencing.

This is me with my friend, Lizi. Lizi weighs about 50 pounds. I tipped the scales at 90 pounds when I last visited Dr. Cichon but I could afford to lose another 10 pounds to regain my girlish figure!

We think that Tasha is a very special girl who deserves every chance AireCanada — and you — can provide her to live a happy and pain-free life.

Tasha is only four years old!

Can you find space in your heart for this  lovely Airedale?

Tasha is available immediately. The sooner she can be placed, the sooner she can have her surgery. A completed online application form from our website is required to either adopt or foster Tasha. If you have already completed an application form and are interested in Tasha, please contact us at the email address below.

For further information, please email britishcolumbia@airecanada.com

Could I come live with you? Please?



Tasha Goes to Her Forever Home

Tasha leaves for her forever home
Tasha leaves for her forever home

Last weekend Tasha packed her bags and moved in with her new family.  She waited a long time for just the perfect family and they found her.  The dogs here are missing her terribly since she was the best foster playmate they had ever had stay with them and the two legged family finds it a little too quiet with just eight paws underfoot instead of twelve.

Please join me in wishing Tasha and her new family a wonderful life together.  I would like to send out a very special thank you to all the people that inquired about Tasha and considered opening their hearts and homes to a rescue. 

Tasha Comes To Stay

A beautiful girl
A beautiful girl

WOW!  That is all I can really say about Tasha.  She is a sweet, affectionate great dog.  She found her dream home but sadly was returned to rescue because the resident caregiver was allergic to her.  So now Tasha, foster-dale, is here with our family which consists of myself and my hubby plus our 3 year old daughter, two Airedales (Groovy and Maggie) and two cats.

Playing Ball
Playing Ball
While being very vigilant about clearing the world of cats she loves to take a break to play ball or any game that will entice either two or four legged friends to chase her.  She drops the ball on demand but her recall is selective unless you throw the word cookie in there.
Groovy and Tasha play ball
Groovy and Tasha play ball
I cannot say enough good things about this girl.  Quiet, very very social with both of my female dales (they are always doing the bitey face airedale pretzel thing in the middle of my living room *sigh*) is a fantastic walker (yes apparently an Airedale can be trained to heel), loves every human she meets, is very clean in the house, was very tolerant of a bath today and is a calm sweet girl.  I can’t believe her owners had to give her up, they must miss her incredibly.
She loves bitey face and ball.
She loves bitey face and ball.
Tasha is going to be 5 on Friday.  Maybe someone close to Ottawa would make her birthday wish come true and give her a wonderful FENCED and CAT FREE yard with a loving family?  A fence is a must since she really does love to pop in and out of the house throughout the day to supervise her world.   You really need to meet this girl, she is amazing!
Can I come home with you?
Can I come home with you?



Hi, I am Tasha! I am an almost 5 year old girl looking for just the right home.
I am a big girl at 60lbs and love to be active and be outdoors.
I am near the Ottawa area and would like a home somewhere that isn’t too far to travel.

Like many Airedales, I graduated top of my class in obedience but I have selective hearing outdoors.
A fenced yard and NO cats is a must please. I am happy go lucky and like pats but I won’t pester you for constant attention.
Right now I live with a little kid and I would be happier in a home with much older kids or very active adults.

When I was younger I was attacked by some dogs and that has left me a little edgy around other dogs when I am on leash.
I am very fearful and cannot handle the dog park just yet. I need a family who understands this and can work
with me and a trainer to gain confidence and overcome this fear. Because of this I can be hard to handle on a leash
but if you have the time for me, I am willing to learn.