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Teddy Receives His Canine Good Neighbour Award!

 Puppy Teddy was surrendered to AireCanada Rescue last January. He was a silly youngster who enjoyed watching TV each evening with Treasurer Jim and who loved attending Doggy Daycare while staying with Webmaster Scott and his wife, Karen.

Teddy was a very lucky boy. The day he was advertised as being available for adoption, Jen and Ian, already owners of young Airedale Molly, happened to inquire about adopting an Airedale from rescue. We offered Teddy and the rest, as they say, is history.

Teddy fell in love with his new Airedale sister, learned to respect the family Border Collie and came quickly to adore all the family members. He was affectionate and minded his manners. Taken for training, he did very well. In fact, Teddy who is barely a year old, has earned his Canine Good Neighbour Badge from the Canadian Kennel Club!

AireCanada would like to congratulate Teddy and his owners for this achievement!

Teddy Bear, CGN

BC: Teddy Bear has a new home!



Handsome Teddy Bear would love to have a new home before he reaches the age of five months on Feb. 10.

This Airedale pup lavishes affection on all he meets. He’s also very smart and, in the past two weeks, has learned to sit, to recall, to walk on leash, and to understand the concept of house training.  He likes  men, women and children, and is on his way to being well-socialized.  He plays enthusiastically with the Airedales who live in his present foster home. Although we haven’t checked this out, we suspect Teddy would be fine with cats as well. We think he would love to have older children (age 10+) or other dogs in his new home for companionship and fun.

Teddy Bear is in excellent health. He has had his puppy vaccinations and a vasectomy which will prevent him from reproducing without interfering with his physical or mental development. Teddy’s tail is undocked and he retains his dewclaws.  He possesses excellent conformation and has the nicest coat we have ever seen on an Airedale puppy.

We like Teddy’s temperament very much. While he is slightly wary at first, he soon adapts to new situations, is consistently friendly and behaves politely. He learns very quickly what behaviors will not be accepted and which are fine. Considering he is a teething puppy, Teddy, if he is supervised, does not seem to chew randomly or cause significant amounts of household damage.  He currently sleeps in a crate but doubtless will be fine on a dog bed near his owner when he grows up a wee bit more.

We would favor a home for Teddy Bear where he will be raised holistically with a view to his enjoying a long, happy life. A securely fenced yard is a requirement as it is for all Airedales placed by AireCanada. Teddy Bear is a real “people dog” and, in our estimation, will do best with a family where someone is home much of the time.

If you are interested in adopting Teddy Bear, please complete and submit the application form . If you would like further information about Teddy Bear, please  contact Maureen Scott < generic.puppy@gmail.com >