Hi, I am Tasha! I am an almost 5 year old girl looking for just the right home.
I am a big girl at 60lbs and love to be active and be outdoors.
I am near the Ottawa area and would like a home somewhere that isn’t too far to travel.

Like many Airedales, I graduated top of my class in obedience but I have selective hearing outdoors.
A fenced yard and NO cats is a must please. I am happy go lucky and like pats but I won’t pester you for constant attention.
Right now I live with a little kid and I would be happier in a home with much older kids or very active adults.

When I was younger I was attacked by some dogs and that has left me a little edgy around other dogs when I am on leash.
I am very fearful and cannot handle the dog park just yet. I need a family who understands this and can work
with me and a trainer to gain confidence and overcome this fear. Because of this I can be hard to handle on a leash
but if you have the time for me, I am willing to learn.

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  1. We just lost our Airedale to an illness, he was nine years old with the true Airedale personality. No other dog has a chance to replace him but, given a little time, another Airedale would be loved just as much. We have a single family home on one acre of land just outside Metcalfe, Ont (part of Ottawa) and would like to meet Tasha.

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