Thanks from Judy and Barley

I’d like to thank you and everyone involved in Barley’s fundraiser. Some times just saying thanks doesn’t convey how you really feel. This is one of those times for me. No one can begin to understand how grateful I am. From the moment Barley came to me he snuggled into a little crack in my heart and I wanted this so much for him. I know I’ve said it before but he really is the sweetest boy. I think his life will be improved immeasurably with this surgery. I wish I could send everyone who contributed a personal thank you note.
Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging me with positive feedback and good vibes and even well wishes from strangers whose hearts Barley has touched.
God willing the consult will move us along to a successful surgery and a new beginning for Barley.
Thanks to everyone who contributed time, energy and money.
Love you all…. Barley and Judy

What more can I add to this post. Judy has said it all!!!
I too would like to thank everyone that has been there for Barley.

One thought on “Thanks from Judy and Barley

  1. Sweet Barley and mama Judy, we are holding our breath for you. Good luck on Monday, brave little heart! Mega, supermega AireZen and healing thoughts are rushing up your way. You are in our hearts.

    With Love,
    BelAire, ma Nata and pa Greg

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