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Thanks from Judy and Barley

I’d like to thank you and everyone involved in Barley’s fundraiser. Some times just saying thanks doesn’t convey how you really feel. This is one of those times for me. No one can begin to understand how grateful I am. From the moment Barley came to me he snuggled into a little crack in my heart and I wanted this so much for him. I know I’ve said it before but he really is the sweetest boy. I think his life will be improved immeasurably with this surgery. I wish I could send everyone who contributed a personal thank you note.
Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging me with positive feedback and good vibes and even well wishes from strangers whose hearts Barley has touched.
God willing the consult will move us along to a successful surgery and a new beginning for Barley.
Thanks to everyone who contributed time, energy and money.
Love you all…. Barley and Judy

What more can I add to this post. Judy has said it all!!!
I too would like to thank everyone that has been there for Barley.

This Is Barley’s Story

This is Barley’s story:
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My name is Judy and I’m Barley’s foster mom. Barley is my first foster and I haven’t regretted this challenge for one minute.  Some time in June I got a call from Barbara, asking me if I’d foster 4 year old Barley, with special needs. Barbara drove to Thornton to pick up Barley and have surrender papers signed.  Later in the day, we met in Milton and Barley continued his destination just outside London.
My first impression of this curly, furry bear was ‘oh my gosh, he’s so cute’. Actually he was dirty and smelly and his hair was falling out everywhere. He needed a bath and grooming right away. Under all that hair was this sweet Aireboy, but he was the saddest dog I’d ever seen. He never looked up, his head was always hanging down and he never wagged his tail. Does that sound like any Airedale you’ve ever met? Well he was off to the vet PDQ and we started right away to adjust his insulin. This was a real learning experience for both Barley and myself…..I was convinced I was going to overdose and kill this dog. I was a wreck for about a week but Barley took it all in stride, like it was no big deal. He has been so easy to give insulin to. I have to do a 24hr. glucose chart every time we adjust his insulin and this means getting blood from him every two hours. Even then he comes and lays in my lap and lets me prick him.
It’s early October and Barley is a different dog, that’s because his diabetes is under control.  Now he looks at you with those big puppy dog eyes and his tail is wagging as fast as it will go. He loves to play and go in the car and certainly reminds you when it’s time for his walk. He is a totally different dog from the one Barbara delivered to me. Because it’s been such a transformation it’s hard to accept that Barley is going BLIND!  My vet told me from day one that this would happen, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be so fast. It is progressing  quickly, far too fast for me to accept. Probably within weeks his sight will be gone. Somethings in life are just not fair and to me this is one of those. But  we do have an option, he can have cataract surgery to correct the blindness but it needs to be done as soon as possible, before an inflammatory process call uveitis sets in.
This is a really long blog but it is also a very important one. We need donations to pay for this surgery…$3000.00 for one eye and over $4000.00 for both. I can hear you all saying ‘WOW’ that’s a lot of money’ but Barley is ONLY 4 and he has a lot of living to do yet and I’d like him to be able to see and adopted to the right family.
AireCanada Airedale Rescue has been  supportive, financially and emotionally but they can’t deplete their resources for one dog and that’s what this story and appeal is all about.
Barley is a sweet boy and he needs help from all of us. Even the smallest amount that you can spare will go towards Barley’s operation. You can donate through PayPal via the donade button on this article. We would be pleased and excited about every donation whether large or small.
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Thanks from both Barley and his foster Mom Judy

Special Needs Boy in Ontario Needs a Home


I am a 4 yr old neutered boy looking for a very special family.  I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and require insulin shots twice a day.  Aside from the diabetes I am a very happy and active guy who is up to date on all my shots.  I like my crate, walk well on a leash and with a bit of work I even come when I am called!  Who wouldn’t love me???  Oh you need to know that I love when company comes to visit and like most Airedales I have a very enthusiastic hello.  With my adoption you also get free pest removal services.  I promise to do my best to rid your yard of squirrels and varmints!  If you have a fenced yard, can help me look after my health needs and will love life with a happy energetic Aireboy, please fill in an adoption application and contact Barbara Durance at bpdurance@rogers.com 

Tail wags and Aire kisses,